My Priorities


As a lifelong educator, I know that a robust public education means more of our children graduate from high school prepared to be successful in the workforce, trade schools, and college.  More Minnesotans with good paying jobs mean more tax revenue, and fewer dollars spent on public assistance programs. I’ll fight against proposals for vouchers that would leave less dollars for public education.

Health Care

All people have a right to access essential health care and medication, including a choice to have an abortion. I support legislation and policies that provide all Minnesotans with essential healthcare and prescriptions.  I’ll fight to increase the minimum wage, so that people can afford healthcare.

Climate Change and the Environment

Climate change is real. Extreme weather is more frequent and more intense causing flooding, heavy snowfalls, high winds, and wildfires that cause death and destroy homes, buildings, crops, and forests. I will support research and development of alternatives to fossil fuel and products that lower the use of energy.  I will fight to protect our forest, lakes, and groundwater from pollution and destruction.


People need jobs that earn a wage that willI support the cost of living for themselves and their family. When workers are displaced or want a higher paying job, training or education should be available and affordable."We all do better when we all do better." (Paul Wellstone) 


Veterans choose to enlist in the military and serve their country. Many have injuries that affect their health and some are disabled. Veterans deserve our respect for their service and their sacrifices. I support policies and legislation that ensure Veterans receive the healthcare, pensions, and lifelong care they were promised, in a timely manner.

Housing Stability

Housing stability enables people to be successful in their jobs and for their children to learn in school.
Minnesota reduced the number of homeless veterans by 50% in 2017. I support policies and legislation that uses the same strategies to create housing stability for all people.