My Priorities



Education is an investment with a high return rate on society. Research shows that the benefits of public education go beyond each child's individual academic gains. A population that is better educated has less unemployment, reduced dependence on public assistance programs, and more tax revenue. Education also reduces crime, improves public health, and increases political and civic engagement.

Health Care

Health Care must be affordable.  It is wrong for companies to charge outrageous prices for medicine such as insulin. I support policies and legislation that enable all people the care and medicine they need to stay alive at prices they can afford.

Climate Change and Water

  • Climate change is real and we need to continue finding ways to stop it.  I support policies and legislation that reduce or eliminate current practices that have been scientifically proven to contribute to Climate change.

  • PFAS chemicals threaten our drinking water.  We need ways to test for the presence of PFAS chemicals and provide filters to eliminate them from water and soil, We need to identify what products contain PFAS and stop using them. 

  • We need to continue protecting the outstanding St. Croix and Mississippi rivers that bracket our community.


Wages need to be enough to provide for the cost of living for yourself and your family.  Those who want to earn more, or change careers, need options for training and education that are affordable.


Veterans chose to enlist in the military and serve their country. Many have injuries that affect their health and some are disabled. Veterans deserve our respect for their service and their sacrifices. I support policies and legislation that will ensure Veterans receive the healthcare, pensions, and lifelong care they were promised, in a timely manner.

Housing Stability

Housing stability is necessary for people to be successful in their jobs and for their children to be able to learn in school.
Minnesota reduced the number of homeless veterans by 50% in 2017. I support policies and legislation that use the same strategies to create housing stability for all people.